Monday, September 21

Khador Warjack Analysis for MK2 Final:

All my personal opinions here biggrin.gif

General rule: A+ or higher is overpowered, B- or lower could be improved and i would be happy. Happy medium is B+ to A for all models.

Berzerker: Still doesnt have Berzerk, so im a bit dissapointed there. DEF buffed up to 11, which i personally think is pointless, if anything is going to hit a Berzerker its going to hit it. DEF11 wont help. Aggressive makes it able to run for free as well as charge, yay... im still a little underwhelmed. Zerkers also only cost 1 PC less than a Juggernaut. Gone from being only good with Karchev and pVlad, to no good with any caster. Possibly may have use as a marshalled jack with the MOW Kovnik. Gone from a B jack to a C jack.

Destroyer: Point cost dropped to 9, at the cost of 1 P+S on his axe. Which is great. Still a mighty jack, with one of the best ranged weapons in the game. High ARM, Khador damage grid, powerful weapons for a moderate cost. Its awesome! With the point reduction, it hasnt changed from an A jack.

Devastator: No changes, and is 9 PC as well like the Destroyer. This is what the changes should have done, created interesting choices like this one. Devastator or Destroyer? THEY ARE BOTH GOOD! ARM 25 is fantastic, and the Rain of Death is a great attack. Looks like this may be a tie. An A jack, hasnt really changed.

Juggernaut: PC 7, is a bargain for such a workhorse. Same advantages of other Khador jacks, high ARM and hard to kill with a powerful weapon, it benefits from the increased pow of open fists as well. Pretty much the best straight forward jack in the game, without any specials. Gone from a B- jack to an A jack.

Kodiak: Lots of changes for the Kodiak, losing its chain attack and Trash on the fists. Gained a massive POW boost, to POW16 fists, and the smash and grab chain attack, giving it some fantastic options like a two handed throw after its first two hits. Much more like a massive bear of a jack than before. Still have Heavy Boiler/Vent Steam and Pathfinder, making it focus efficient and flexible. It used to be a bit weak, but now its a beauty. Also only one point more than the Juggy. Gone from a B- jack to an A jack.

Marauder: A great jack, with a powerful attack. Its an alternate weapon system to the juggy, being the same price. It gains flexibility and loses pure damage output. The combosmite is a cool attack, that can be used to take out troops or other heavies with its collateral damage. eVlad's Assail would work especially well here. Problem is its vulnerability, if one of the arms goes down then it loses the combo strike. Gone from a C jack to a B+ jack.

Spriggan: Gained Bulldoze.. for some reason! Still an expensive jack, but with a Reach POW18 weapon its pretty good value, especially with the powerful charge. Has some utility with the grenade launchers, but is probably *sligggghtly* overpriced compared to the Devastator and the Destroyer. Beast 09 is still better than it. Gone from a B- jack to a B+ jack.

Beast 09: Ahh, probably the best jack in the game in MK1, his cost has increased and hes lost some of his abilities. Still good though, because of the imprint: Murderous which absolutely murders infantry and warcasters/warjacks. At MAT7 with the imprint hes hitting pMorghoul on average rolls with a P+S19 reach + crit freeze attack. It doesnt get much better than that. He has excellent anti-troop skills and anti-heavy skills. The loss of the headbutt is mitigated by the increase in POW the fist got. eSorcha with Beast 09 is looking to be a nice combo... Gone from an A++ Jack to an A jack.

Behemoth: The epitome of Khador technology. This massive monstrosity had about a million special rules, most of which have been cut out. Unfortunately, some of the flavour has been cut out too. Now, the only special thing about him apart from his even higher armour and damage boxes than other Khador jacks is his weapon loadout. Boasting 4 weapons, two powerful ranged ones, and the best melee weapons in Khador (except for the Ice Axe - in some situations) hes a monster. Extremely expensive as well, but worth it most of the time in big enough games. He hasnt changed significantly in the transition from MK1 -> Mk2. Still an A jack.

Drago: He who used to be my favourite jack of all time, has been cut down to size. Hes now only 8 PC, but his damage output has been seriously hampered. Much of the same comments as to a Zerker apply to Drago - his imprint is useless, and the only other difference now is +2 MAT and a slightly better chain attack. The loss of Berzerk hurts the most, and the -1 POW on the axes hurts Drago much more than it does the Destroyer. (why couldnt he have had twin Ice Axes??) I would normally have taken this every time with either Vlad and most of the time with Karchev but now i definitely wouldnt. Sometimes with pVlad, and thats about it. Gone from an A jack to a B- jack.

Warjack Summary:

A: Behemoth, Beast 09, Kodiak, Juggernaut, Devastator, Destroyer
B+: Spriggan, Marauder
B-: Drago
C: Berzerker

As you can see, i think the majority of our jacks are looking great in MK2. Only exceptions being Zerker and Drago.

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