Tuesday, April 6

40pts Tournament Prep Battle - Cryx vs Circle!

Emma and I had a quick game this afternoon, 40pts of Cryx vs Circle.

My army consisted of:

Denny + a Harrower, Cankerworm and two Stalkers, supported by a Skarlock, Bloat Thrall, Bane Lord Tartarsauce, Slaughterborn and a unit of Bloodgorgers.

Emma took:

Baldur + 2 Woldwardens, Megalith and a Woldwyrd, supported by LotF and Druids + UA.

Baldurs honor guard get ready to protect him against the Cryx enemy.

The Cryx scouting force discovers Baldur in the deep woods...

Getting Close:

The deadly dance begins - as the mortal enemies begin to engage.


The Lord of the Feast kills 4 of the Bloodgorgers, the Pistol Wraith takes out a Druid only to be killed by Megalith in return.


Massive casualties on the Cryx side, with all the Bloodgorgers going down. A Stalker manages to flank and get behind Baldur, and Baldur is so worried he advances into the protection of the Woldwardens - and into range of the Cryx army.

And the end:

Deneghra pops her feat, and advances to cast Crippling Grasp on Baldur as well. The Harrower with 3 Focus on it advances into range and cuts Baldur down.


Well, this was a good tactical game for me, especially using the deadly but squishy Cryx army. Stalkers excelled, with extreme speed and range managing to totally outflank the Circle army. Also, the Harrower has proven a good choice yet again, an extremely useful gun, combined with decent armour and defensive abilities and practically the best melee combination possible - Reach + Thresher.

The Bloodgorgers were great, except they took the hit from the indomitable Lord of the Feast. I forget just how deadly this guy is. He took his last hit on Gerlak Slaughterborn, and did 7 damage of his 8 boxes! If he had killed him, it would have just got worse. Emma only made a mistake with running away from the Stalker, which probably wouldnt have killed Baldur, into range of Deneghra's feat + the Harrower.

Bane Lord Tartarus is amazing as always, hes practically the Cryx equivalent to Lord of the Feast. He threatened a lot of things, and ended up slaughtering some Druids.

Revanant Cannon Crews are useeeless! Looks like it wont make it on the table again anytime soon. Ill probably have to sell it I think, its just hopelessly bad for an army like Cryx.

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