Thursday, April 8

Cryx vs Menoth - 35pt Game vs John

This game took place about a week ago, and finally getting around to doing the report today :)

It was a good game, getting John back into the swing of things, and me taking my Cryx out to play.

I took Gaspy, Harrower, Reaper, 2 Stalkers and various solo's out to take on some of the best the Testament of Menoth had to offer - Knights Exemplar, Knights Errant and Deliverers, with a good smattering of Menoth super solos - including the first time I had played against Vilmoth!

Cryx Army:

The army of undead doom!

Menoth Army:

The large infantry squads of Menoth.

The Advance:

Cryx advances cautiously, and does some serious damage to the Knights Errant and the Knights Exemplar, but leave themselves vulnerable to counter attacks.

Combat Begins:

The battle starts in earnest, with the Harrower being destroyed, and the Menite Light Jack (the one with the arcnode... something starting with R!)

End Game:

Gaspy has lost most of his army at this point, due to the Knights Exemplar or the Deliverers laying into the Cryx army. He tries to get the Testament, but this proves more difficult than he thought. He follows him all over the board, but it looks like the battle is going against him.

And the end of the Iron Lich - even though over the course of the game, Cryx must have killed the Knights Exemplar ten times over, but Testament kept bringing them back. It proved to be his downfall - and they annihilated Asphyxious.

Final Thoughts:

This was a fun game - which came right down to the wire. A couple of bad dice rolls on both sides saw the majority of their armies totalled, with a few key models here and there getting killed. I lost my Skarlock and the Bloat Thrall to the Crusader, and John got his Pallys and Vilmoth killed, all for the trade of a Stalker. My Pistol Wraith did great, getting behind the Menoth lines and killed a Pally and the majority of the enemy Deliverer squad.

A big mistake I made was forgetting which Warcaster I was playing against, I thought his feat was the one where he ressurects a bunch of his guys who can then charge, when it was actually the epic version where he makes his army incorporeal. I was worried the whole time about getting assassinated by a bunch of dead pallies, when actually I could have committed Gaspy much earlier.

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