Thursday, April 8

40pts Tournament Prep Battle Number 2 - Cryx vs Circle!

Emma and I had another practice game today, with me trying out my Cryx army again. This game was at 40pts, my new favorite points limit :)

I took pDenny, with 2 Helldivers and a Reaper, Min Blackbanes, Min Bane Knights, Min Soulhunters, a Pistol Wraith, a Bloat Thrall, and the Withershadow Combine.

Emma had almost the same list as last time, except swapping out the Woldwyrd for an Argus.


Baldur advances behind a screen of two Woldwardens, Megalith and an Argus.

Deneghra has her support with her - a bunch of evil creations!

Early Turns:

We advance towards each other - most of the Cryx army runs, while the Druids advance up the right flank of their army.

The Druids are not happy with the fast advance, and the Cephalyx Overlords annihilate the Druids of Orboros with their sprays!


A massive brawl ensues, with most of the Bane Knights and Blackbanes being cut down. They do some moderate damage to the Woldwardens, but their toughness stops them from being destroyed.

One Soulhunter survives the Earth Spikes volley, and the Helldivers move ever closer to Baldur... Cryx is starting to seriously run out of manpower here!

Deneghra advances and pops her feat, just after Baldur pops his. Baldurs army is caught in the effect, and the Cryx forces make their final attack runs. One of the Helldivers charges Baldur, and lands with two Bite attacks on a -2 ARM and DEF Baldur. With slightly better rolls, it would have killed him, but as it was it brought him to 7 health left.

The End:

The next turn, although Denny was in a vulnerable position on the board, the enemy was debuffed quite badly by the Withering, and Baldur failed to kill either the Helldiver or the last remaining Blackbane's Ghost - and with 3 focus on the Helldiver the next turn it was allll over.

Final Thoughts:

Another good game, with a relatively close result. A mistake from Emma was all the Helldiver needed to sink its teeth into Baldurs juicy flesh. The Withering is evil as ever, but most of Deneghra's potential is lost without Arcnodes. I reeeeallly need to put together some more of my chicken jacks. Or at least one. >.<>

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